Worldcore for Merchants: Serving as an Instant Bank Account

WorldCoreIf you are like a lot of small businesses, you collect payments through checks or cash. Although this is likely to work for you now, adding online payments offers some benefits to you and your customers.

Advantages of Online Payments

  • Meet expectations– These people prefer to pay online because of the convenience and comfort of doing it. When customers want to sign up and buy something from your site, they will wish to it easily and quickly. Indeed, sites which do not support online payments can be quite outdated.
  • Speed Up the Process– Payments done online are faster than those done manually as there is no need for you to wait for checks to arrive or get cleared. The entire process can take just seconds. This results in improved cash flow for businesses and nearly instant transaction confirmation. Additionally, online payment services allow customers to know immediately if the person making the payments online has enough funds for covering the transaction instead of finding out one week after if the check bounces.

Worldcore service

Merchant Account

After completing an online transaction, the funds are sent from the account of the buyer to your merchant account, which is used exclusively for holding funds obtained from debit or credit card transactions. In order to accept online payments, you often have to make a merchant account with your payment provider. This serves as an instant bank account. The merchant account’s accumulated funds are moved to the bank account of your organization regularly.

Merchant Account

The Best Online Payment Provider

There are many online payment providers out there but only a few can stand the test of the industry. A good online payment service allows customers to send and receive payments without hassles and securely. Worldcore is a famous online payment service created by Czech Republic payment service provider EUPSProvider s.r.o. The online payment platform caters for both individuals and businesses allowing each of them to create their own Worldcore account.

Best Online Payment Provider

EUPSProvider s.r.o. ensures that Worldcore is a top-notch online payment system that matches the world’s best these days. Its functionality resulted from the thorough research conducted by the company’s team of experts who work for related industries including electronic finance, banking services, financial market and information technology. Worldcore offers global payment solutions like electronic currency payments, bank payment access, payouts to Visa or Mastercard debit and credit cards, prepaid credit cards and mass payment. With Worldcore, businesses can send and receive payments locally and internally without any limit while complying with international standards and regulations.

Worldcore issues

Worldcore issues its own prepaid debit cards that allow clients to convert their balance into cash. Almost all kinds of payment possibilities are possible with this platform. This automated financial tool can efficiently process all payments at any time of the day. All incoming payments in the system are credited in internal EUR or USD account balance. Worldcore account holders can send funds to another account holder for free. The system’s API Integration is easy to understand and use that clients do not have to hire a programmer to assist them.

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