How to Understand the Insurance Claims After Disaster

In order to safeguard ourselves from disasters like floods, hurricanes, fire incidents, earthquakes and many other such unexpected events, it is necessary that we must keep our property insured. The losses after the disaster can be very high, which can totally ruin your property. Therefore, you can compensate your loss with the help of insurance claim.

With this claim, you can restore your damages as quickly as possible. Therefore, it is necessary that you need to maintain all the details of your insurance policy and keep them at safe place so that it is readily accessible in case of any disaster. In order to make your claim process smooth you must do the following.

Insurance Claims

Make a list of expensive items

You must make a list of all expensive items along with their photographs and if possible you can make video records as well. Store all the information in a safe place, so that it can be easily retrieved when your property is destroyed after the disaster.

Many experts of insurance business suggest storing all these records online. You need to spend a bit in order to maintain digital records.

Assess your coverage

After you have made detailed list of all your inventories you must find their value in terms of dollar. You must make sure that your insurance coverage must cover full value of your listed items. You must make sure that with the claim amount you can rebuild all your lost items.

Keep details about your policy

You must also maintain your policy documents, policy numbers, phone numbers of your insurer and their agent in safe place that can be easily accessed in the time of need.

Immediately respond after the disaster

As soon as you face the disaster, you must call your insurance agent and usually insurance companies immediately depute their representative in order to visit the site. Keep all your records about the inventories accessible so that it is easy for you to make your claim.

Insurance Claims

Secure your property

You must take photographs and video of the damaged site and after that you must keep it secured so that further damage may not take place. If the doors, windows or roof is damaged then get them repaired so that the site is a safe place to visit by the insurance company representatives.

Negotiate with the surveyor

You must help the surveyor to access the damages by providing the list of items and their values.

All communications must be recorded

All the discussion and negotiation that you do with the insurer must be recorded and well documented in writing.

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